Blender Backgrounds with VN flair

This week I dove into making backgrounds for Robo-Rinku. These were made in Blender.

A Ballroom for dancing

The Ballroom I built from scratch. I found a reference image I liked of a mirrored building and tried to do something similar. I first made the window and column, then used the array modifier with central point and spun the windows around. I wanted to go for a fanciful mirror/glass structure that wouldn’t exist in the real world because it’s in cyber-space!

Alloy City
Alloy City

I started with this project on blendswap and spruced it up by adding more buildings.

Hojun's House/Laboratory
Hojun’s House/Laboratory

Hojun’s apartment is actually the original I used for the comic. I made a little changes like adding some bevel to the edges of the building and then plopped it onto the side of the city I used in the last pic. I’m not quite happy with the coloring, but I can come back to it later.

All the images went through post-processing in Clip Studio with a combo of hardlight, glow dodge and multiply.

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