Robo-Rinku Visual Novel

These are backgrounds used in the Robo-Rinku Visual Novel that is still being created.

I started with a model from blendswap and changed it to have the AU (Alloy University) logos and information panels.



Alloy City, made from a blendswap model, I copied some of the buildings and put them in the back to give it more depth, then rendered it with lines and put some hard light to make it more anime-like.



This building was the original that I used in the Robo-Rinku comic, but I added better detail like the trees, sidewalk texture, road and some buildings surrounding the apartment.




This was my take at a ballroom in Cyberspace. I wanted to make it look unnatural but have elements of a real place. The windows I referenced from an actual building, then made an array of them in a circle and put a dome above them.

I made test sprites to be used for the alpha. I didn’t want to get too detailed, in case we needed to change the characters, but it gave the alpha testers a feel for the game’s style.

Here’s a bit of the gameplay and me having fun with the particle emitter:

Super Fun TV Hour publication

Some friends and I created a role-playing game called the Super Fun TV Hour based off of Japanese Super-Sentai tropes. Kelly Prill, wanted to publish the game and asked for art. For the front cover I did full-color, but for art in the rest of the book, I went manga style since it fit the theme pretty well.

Front Cover Art

Character Art



More progress with Blender3d

I found some new useful tips online for making characters and had another go at trying to make Zula from “A Fool’s Deception”. I started from a character sketch and got to a pretty good point and decided to move on.