MCCT’s production of Macbeth

I was asked to create a dark spooky forest background in a German Impressionist style, which was going to be painted on curtains. I made these three versions with the colors I would need to create it marked on the top right. When I got the ok, I got the paint and painted! The material was hard to work with, but I got something that the Director loved.

A Fool’s Deception on LINE Webtoons

Since high school I’d wanted to have a long-running comic that I could share with others. So I took a story I’d been working on for a while and decided to draw it. It’s called “A Fool’s Deception” and you can read it on LINE Webtoons here. It has grown to have 29 chapters and 18k subscribers. Here’s some panels from 2015:

Robo-Rinku Comic Contest on LINE Webtoons

I entered a sci-fi comic contest on Line Webtoons and my comic Robo-Rinku made the top 8. I started using my Blender3D abilities to make backgrounds. This had a sci-fi vibe so I liked the 3D look to it. In no particular order here are some of my favorite panels: