Robo-Rinku Visual Novel – Sprint 01

Created modal windows to use in a save menu.

  • I followed this tutorial on modal windows in Unity.
  • Used that knowledge to make a standard modal window to use for any menu element I might want.
  • Added a save and load button to a dialog box.
  • Started working on events and extending menu screens.

This is what I have so far:

Modal window progress demonstration
Modal window progress demonstration

It took longer than I expected to get this far in creating the menu. I should have broken it up into smaller portions to work on. I said I was going to “Make a save and load modal window” for 11 points, but I should have made several stories: “make a modal window”, “add save function”, “add multiple-saves function”, “add load function”, etc…. I really bit off more than I could chew.

You can take a look at my in-progress Github branch here.

Made some decisions about the script and how it will differ from the original story.

Our week was cut short with vacations and Mother’s Day weekend, but we still made some really good progress.

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