Robo-Rinku Visual Novel – SPRINT 03

Welcoming a new memeber: Kelly at BloomingNerd Studio!

Kelly is joining the team as our new project manager. He’ll bring some structure to the chaos and crush blockers with zeal. He has a Tumblr full of silly sailor moon screenshots (I highly recommend checking this out), a nerdy website where he blogs mostly about tabletop gaming, and a twitter. He’ll also be running a game at Gencon called The Superfun TV Adventure Hour: A game he developed based on the Fate System. Superfun TV Adventure will soon be published in the Fate Codex. I’ve played Superfun myself and it lives up to it’s name.


Transcription of the original chapters are finished so I can start using that as example text. We’re getting closer to having something that resembles a game!

Character Redesigns

At the top of the post are some sketches and one that I liked enough to color. That’s all you’re getting for now! :p

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