Blender Backgrounds with VN flair

This week I dove into making backgrounds for Robo-Rinku. These were made in Blender.

A Ballroom for dancing

The Ballroom I built from scratch. I found a reference image I liked of a mirrored building and tried to do something similar. I first made the window and column, then used the array modifier with central point and spun the windows around. I wanted to go for a fanciful mirror/glass structure that wouldn’t exist in the real world because it’s in cyber-space!

Alloy City
Alloy City

I started with this project on blendswap and spruced it up by adding more buildings.

Hojun's House/Laboratory
Hojun’s House/Laboratory

Hojun’s apartment is actually the original I used for the comic. I made a little changes like adding some bevel to the edges of the building and then plopped it onto the side of the city I used in the last pic. I’m not quite happy with the coloring, but I can come back to it later.

All the images went through post-processing in Clip Studio with a combo of hardlight, glow dodge and multiply.

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[Tutorial] My Essential Clip Studio Shortcuts

Rotating the Canvas

If you’re familiar with drawing with physical paper, I bet you naturally turn the page while you’re drawing. That’s because you probably have a steadier, more confident stroke at that angle. Luckily, you can setup Clip Studio Paint to give you the same advantage as you draw digitally.

We first want to assign a key or set of keys to the rotate action in Clip Studio and then change the Wacom settings to that key.

Go to File->Modifier Key Settings

In this menu you have a lot of custom options available for any modifier key sequence you could think of. I decided to use Ctrl+Shift to Change tool temporarily to the Rotate tool.

Since I rotate my canvas enough to give anyone watching motion sickness, I added the modifier to my pen for easy access.

Open your Wacom Tablet Properties

If you don’t already see the Clip Studio logo in the list of available applications, I recommend adding it. With Clip Studio open in the background, click the plus sign on the right of the application list, select CLIPStudioPaint and hit OK.

In the screenshot above you can see I changed the setting for my top pen rocker-button to the Modifier… Shift + CtrlNow all I have to do is press and hold down on that button and drag on the canvas until I have the right angle.

Flipping the Canvas Horizontally

If you spend enough time looking at your artwork one way, I’m convinced your brain starts ignoring obvious mistakes. One way to trick your brain into looking at the same artwork as something completely new – getting a new perspective – is to flip the canvas horizontally.

Go to File–>Shortcut Settings
Navigate to View–>Rotate/Invert–>Flip Horizontal
Double click on Flip Horizontal and type whatever shortcut you want. I went with Ctrl+H since that doesn’t seem to be used for any other shortcut.

I like adding shortcuts I use often to my tablet buttons. To add it to yours,  first open your Wacom Tablet Properties

Pick a button on your tablet to assign the Ctrl+H needed to flip the canvas. In the dropdown menu, select keystroke… Add the sequence you picked, give it a name and hit OK.


Do you have a Shortcut setting you couldn’t live without? Let me know and I can add it to the list.

Here are some more you should checkout:


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