Serving up your Webtoon

Wouldn’t you like to view your webtoon online and on your phone, just as people will be seeing it when you upload it to webtoons or other long-form comics? I put together a simple php script and css stylesheet to do just that!

First thing I do is export my comic pages from clip studio.
Then I upload it to my site, which supports php, using ftp into an images folder.

Here is the php and css you’ll need:

Here’s what it looks like on my ftp (I renamed mine fools.css):

Hope you find this useful!

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Using Unity Profiler for Optimization

While working on my most recent pull request to Fungus, I was told that Linq and foreach really shouldn’t be used with Unity because it can cause significant slowdowns. Noooooo! So I came up with an idea of what I wanted to implement based off of some provided reading(1)(2) but I wanted to SEE the change in speed for myself. So I decided to use Unity’s built-in Profiler.

To open the Profiler, go to Window->Profiler or hit Ctrl+7.

You can run the profiler and get a broad overview of how much your game hogs resources. But to test a specific method or chunk of code, you can create a custom profiler sample like I did here on my potentially bad bit of code:

I ran the profiler and I watched as the graph went up and down, not much of it making that much sense. Then I saw a spike in the graph where I was sure the problem bit of code ran. I entered the name of my sample, which was “CharacterSearch”, into the search bar to make it easier to find, then I navigated back through the frames until I saw it pop up in the hierarchy view. And that’s where I found this:
Spike before optimization
Garbage Collection Allocation of 0.7kb and time of 2.28ms. It might seem small but this stuff adds up, especially if you want to port to mobile. Let’s see if I can do better!

So I changed my code around to use a struct with a custom compare.

When I ran the profiler again with the new optimized code, I got much better results:

Less of a spike after optimization

0B GC Alloc and .34 ms! Wow…I really didn’t expect that much of a change.

Let me know if this is totally wrong or if there’s anything else I could do to speed this up in the comments. 🙂

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