Twitch Streaming

I’ve been streaming on Twitch for about a month now and I’m proud to report that it is a fun time! I was afraid at first of trolls, but I’ve only encountered one and it easy to just ban them.

The format of my sessions evolved into about an hour of working on my comic, taking a break, and then taking requests. The requests are nice because most of the time, people ask me to draw really crazy things, which help expand my skills. My favorite so far was to draw a JoJo-style Frog:
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Another favorite of mine was drawing Vootins as a beautiful horse prince:
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Streaming on twitch keeps me motivated and helps stave off the loneliness I feel sometimes while drawing for hours on end.
So! Please feel free to come join me! I stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm EST and will randomly pop on sometimes, so make sure to hit the follow button and turn on notifications.

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